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Top Adventure Games

  1. The Skull Gold
  2. Mermaid Mix n’ Match
  3. Dungeon Soul
  4. Camping Adventure: Family Road Trip
  5. Wheely 6

New Adventure Games

  1. Hopping Boys
  2. Italian Front 1944
  3. Gold Seeker
  4. Find My Gifts
  5. Yellow Bird Escape

What are Adventure Games ?

Adventure games let you be the hero in all kinds of ways. Some games include fighting, but many others are more about puzzles and exploring. Other adventure games try to have a bit of both. What makes these games special is that they usually focus on a single person or group's story.


  • The Huge Wall Escape
    The Huge Wall Escape
  • Jelly Survival
    Jelly Survival
  • Rise Up
    Rise Up
  • Monster Rush
    Monster Rush
  • Prince Run
    Prince Run
  • 3 Minute Adventure
    3 Minute Adventure
  • Mirror Dash Travel Odyssey
    Mirror Dash Travel Odyssey
  • Adam and Eve 2
    Adam and Eve 2
  • Space Shooter
    Space Shooter
  • Abyssal Fish
    Abyssal Fish
  • Pet Hop
    Pet Hop
  • Adam and Eve 5 Part 1
    Adam and Eve 5 Part 1
  • Snail Bob 3
    Snail Bob 3
  • Farm Valley
    Farm Valley
  • Pokemon Magikarp Jump Online
    Pokemon Magikarp Jump Online
  • Tappy Dumont
    Tappy Dumont
  • Penguin Skip
    Penguin Skip
  • Point Adventure
    Point Adventure
  • Cute Animal Shapes
    Cute Animal Shapes
  • Corinne The Fairy Adventure
    Corinne The Fairy Adventure
  • Little Dino Adventure
    Little Dino Adventure
  • Caveman Adventure
    Caveman Adventure
  • Bots Can Feel Too
    Bots Can Feel Too
  • Puffy Boy Run
    Puffy Boy Run
  • Aquablitz
  • Snail Bob 6
    Snail Bob 6
  • Sweet Tower Challenge
    Sweet Tower Challenge
  • Camping Adventure: Family Road Trip
    Camping Adventure: Family Road Trip
  • Freetuppet Adventure
    Freetuppet Adventure
  • Adam and Eve 3
    Adam and Eve 3
  • Escape From Port
    Escape From Port
  • Yabadoo Run
    Yabadoo Run
  • Rise Up 2
    Rise Up 2
  • Bayou Island
    Bayou Island
  • Pocket RPG
    Pocket RPG
  • WorldCraft 2
    WorldCraft 2
  • Halloween Coloring Book
    Halloween Coloring Book
  • Wheely 3
    Wheely 3
  • Transmorpher 1
    Transmorpher 1
  • He Almost Killed Me
    He Almost Killed Me
  • Jungle Run
    Jungle Run
  • Bob The Robber 4 season 1: France
    Bob The Robber 4 season 1: France
  • Treasure Island
    Treasure Island
  • Transmorpher 3
    Transmorpher 3
  • Striptease Nightclub Manager
    Striptease Nightclub Manager
  • Olaf The Viking Game
    Olaf The Viking Game
  • Airplane games
    Airplane games
  • Adventures of Flig
    Adventures of Flig
  • Christmas Five Differences
    Christmas Five Differences
  • Hero Adventure
    Hero Adventure
  • Furious Adventure 2 trap
    Furious Adventure 2 trap
  • Strange Snake
    Strange Snake
  • Dumb Ways Jr Zanys Hospital
    Dumb Ways Jr Zanys Hospital
  • Doodle God Good Old Times
    Doodle God Good Old Times
  • Wheely 6
    Wheely 6
  • Friendly Fish
    Friendly Fish
  • Gambar House Escape
    Gambar House Escape
  • Color Road
    Color Road
  • Happy Dessert
    Happy Dessert
  • Rookie Bowman
    Rookie Bowman
  • Garage Apocalypse
    Garage Apocalypse
  • Sky Dancer
    Sky Dancer
  • Bubble Meadow
    Bubble Meadow
  • Rayifox
  • The Wisp
    The Wisp
  • Adam and Eve
    Adam and Eve
  • Galaxy Commander
    Galaxy Commander
  • Crazy Courier Ride
    Crazy Courier Ride
  • Gold Seeker
    Gold Seeker
  • Greedy Sheriffs
    Greedy Sheriffs
  • Old Macdonald Farm
    Old Macdonald Farm
  • Mahjong Solitaire
    Mahjong Solitaire
  • Panda love
    Panda love
  • Snowy Kitty Adventure
    Snowy Kitty Adventure
  • Monkey Kingdom Empire
    Monkey Kingdom Empire
  • Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements
    Fireboy and Watergirl 5 Elements
  • Super Monkey Run
    Super Monkey Run
  • Foofoo Go Run Jump
    Foofoo Go Run Jump
  • Sliding Gate Escape
    Sliding Gate Escape
  • Princess Goldblade Adventure
    Princess Goldblade Adventure
  • Under the sea
    Under the sea
  • Sea Plumber
    Sea Plumber
  • The Red Forest Kid
    The Red Forest Kid
  • Jungle Adventure
    Jungle Adventure
  • King’s Return
    King’s Return
  • Panic Drop
    Panic Drop
  • Find My Gift
    Find My Gift
  • Yellow Ball Adventure
    Yellow Ball Adventure
  • Brick Breaker Galaxy Defense
    Brick Breaker Galaxy Defense
  • UFO Run. The castle tower
    UFO Run. The castle tower
  • Gatoslice
  • Mahjong Adventure
    Mahjong Adventure
  • Money Movers 2
    Money Movers 2
  • Splashy Adventure
    Splashy Adventure
  • Chainy Chisai Medieval
    Chainy Chisai Medieval
  • Winter Adventures
    Winter Adventures
  • Lost in Jungle
    Lost in Jungle
  • Mini Putt Holiday
    Mini Putt Holiday
  • The Skull Gold
    The Skull Gold
  • My Burger Biz
    My Burger Biz
  • Space Frontier Online
    Space Frontier Online
  • Adam & Eve 5 Part 1
    Adam & Eve 5 Part 1
  • Super Cowboy Run
    Super Cowboy Run
  • Stone Aged
    Stone Aged
  • Wheely 8
    Wheely 8
  • Snail Bob 8
    Snail Bob 8
  • What are adventure games?

    Adventure games originate from the computer game Colossal Cave Adventure and were hugely popular in the 1970s. The gameplay of this game became a genre of its own and is signified by a combination of exploration, storytelling, and puzzle solving. Adventure games are different from action games because there is a reduced emphasis combat challenge. However, more and more Hybrid games blend action and adventure in the gameplay.

    The different genres of adventure games

    Text adventure games were hugely popular in the 1980s. Instead of using vector graphics or bitmap the game is purely text-based. Amongst the most popular text adventures of all time are Zork and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy both developed by Infocom.

    Graphic adventures are adventure games that use graphics to convey the environment to the player. The avatar in these games varies from a first-person to a perspective where the camera follows the player's movements.

    Narrative-adventure games usually favor storytelling over gameplay. They are comparable to interactive movies in that they present pre-scripted scenes. The advancement of computing power can render pre-scripted scenes in real-time, thus providing for more depth of gameplay that is reactive to the player.

    5 great adventure games

    • Escaping the Prison, a classic point & click adventure game developed by Puffballs United. The game is a part of the Henry Stickmin series.
    • Wheely 8, a widely popular adventure game from the Wheely series. Developed by Pegas GAmes.
    • Riddle school, a classic puzzle solving game with a simple click interface developed by JonBro.
    • Diamond Hunt Online, an awesome MMORPG game with idle style gameplay developed (released in June 2014).
    • Aground, an excellent survival game that was supported in Kickstarter and developed by SnoBox.

    Play adventure games on this web

    Help Papa Louie to build up the most successful restaurants in games like Papa's Sushiria. Use the weirdest items and wacky plans to get out of prison in Fleeing the Complex – just make sure to choose wisely, as some plans lead to dead ends, if you catch our drift. If you like point-and-click adventure games, make sure to also play Riddle Transfer 2, one of our top games in the adventure category. Think you're an awesome gamer? Then put that to the test in Give Up 2, where the game gets almost impossible, tempting you with a "Give Up" button to end the struggle. But we know you won't! Want to enter the classic fantasy world as a noble hero? Then use everything around you to solve puzzles on your mission to save the frozen king in Alyssa's Quest. Think you're ready for a real challenge? Take on fellow players deep in the ocean and protect your queen fish in Or if you like cute cars and challenging puzzles, take a look at the Wheely games, in which you help a little red car named Wheely on his many adventures. With so many great adventures to choose from, you're guaranteed to get hooked in no time!

    Thanks to the WebGL and Flash technologies, we bring you the best looking and fun to play games using just your browser. So get ready for all the dangers and rewards out there, if you're brave enough to try!

    Adventure Games on Hooda Math Games includes the best Adventure Games of all time. Play an amazing selection of Hooda Math Games!

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